What you need To Know about Melbourne City

Melbourne is a coastal capital of Victoria State in the southeastern part of Australia. It is a city with a diverse economy and other social aspects. It is a home to more than four million people. The city covers about 9993 sq. kilometers of the total Victoria state. It has hosted some of the significant global games like Australian open, 2006 commonwealth games and the 1956 Summer Olympics. It is vibrant in education, entertainment, sport, and tourism sectors. Continue reading to know more about

The city layout

Almost every in the city of Melbourne is well laid on the grid. Such that, if you happen to get lost, you simply go back the same sot and find your way back to where you came from. Since the city is well-laid, everything looks just the same as they are drafted on the grid. This makes navigation from one point to another very simple. You need to note that with the well-laid plan of the city, you can drive around the CBD even when you are new in Melbourne.

Melbourne’s Public Transport System

Melbourne’s public transport system is simply amazing. The two mains of transport is Melbourne cities are trains and a free City Circle Tram. The trains serve people even in the inner suburbs. Every visitor will tell you that the first time they got on the tram, they wanted even twirl around. The best rides are enjoying through public transport and no doubt about that. In Melbourne, you do not have to wait for a long time for a tram. Transport is swift and everything organized when it comes to Melbourne’s public transport system.


Melbourne is a Capital

Another critical thing to note about is that it is the capital Victoria State. Actually, this should one of the first things you should know about this city. Therefore, most of the government survives in the state of Victoria are mostly served from Melbourne. As I mentioned earlier it is a home to more than four million people. The city has some of the major 21st-century building that acts as landmarks. An example of the well-known landmarks is Flinders St Station along with the river Yarra.

The Beautiful Parks of Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the few cities in Australia that is blessed with the most beautiful parks. There are marvelous parks and gardens that every visitor would want to visit. The closest parks to the CBD are Queen Victoria Gardens and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Royal Botanic Garden is a 38 hectares garden that is a home to about 10,000 plant species. In front of the famous Royal Exhibition is Carlton Gardens. Another important part is the Albert Park that is located next to Albert Park Lake.


Melbourne city experiences all the four seasons which include spring, winter summer, and autumn. The city weather literally alternates between rain and sun in a typical day. Therefore, make sure you carry some umbrella and jackets to be on the safe side. The sun may hit 40 degrees Celsius early in the morning.